New Cell Phone Safety Education Program for Parents and Children

cell phone safety for kidsAs a parent the responsibility of cell phone safety and education for your children can be a daunting thought. You want to make sure you have the right knowledge and resources available to effectively educate and manage your children’s cell phone use. However with the ever changing landscape of mobile technology, the internet and social media it can be hard to keep up.

If your children are just starting out with their first cell phone or you are interested in updated educational resources for you and your children we highly recommend checking out the new “Mobile Safe Program” recently launched by iKeepSafe and AT&T.

We have provided the introduction to the post below and a link to the full post on the iKeepSafe website.

iKeepSafe and AT&T* are proud to announce the launch of Mobile Safe – a program that offers resources for parents and educational games for students, with the goal of teaching kids smart and safe mobile habits.  The program launched at an event at the Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. As of today, the Mobile Safe resources are available at

The program focuses on six principles of cell phone use:

1. Identity/Reputation Presentation and Monitoring: Use cell phones to portray yourself in safe, healthy, and fun ways while protecting both identity and reputation
2. Relationship Management—Online and Offline: Maintain relationships using communication that best balances clarity and convenience for a healthy interaction in a given situation;
3. Multitasking: Focus on one activity at a time, as appropriate, so you can actually do more, have more fun, and stay safer;
4. Domains of Use: Learn strategies for non-disruptive phone use that also keeps you connected and entertained;
5. Responsibilities to Self, Family, and the Law: Learn how to use cell phones in ways that do not put yourself or your families at risk; and
6. Maximize the positives: Learn the positive entertainment, social and safety opportunities that come with a cell phone.

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As parents you can only try your best to educate and manage your child’s safety once they have access to a cell phone and the internet. Educational resources like the new “Mobile Safe Program” combined with the use of cell phone monitoring software provides parents with a good set of tools to educate, manage and even restrict  the use of your kids cell phone use.

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