Latest Phone Scams, Why You Always Need to be Aware!

Latest Phone Scams Targeting the Elderly, Tax Time and Identity Theft

Be Aware of Spring Scams
According to the Consumer Credit Counseling Center in Mason City…now that it’s spring and tax season, the number of scams is expected to go up. Gains said another upcoming scam to be on the look-out for is children and identity theft…continue reading

“You Have Won Millions! Scams” to be Aware of!

Bayport Woman, 82, Loses Thousands to Phone Scam
The caller had great news: A Bayport woman had just won $1.5 million. To claim the winnings, the woman – an 82-year-old Croixdale senior housing resident – had only to pay the taxes in advance, the caller said… continue reading

79-Year-Old Widow Was Told She Had Won $4.6 million
“At first I believed it,” Houser said, “but they kept calling me to see how things were going, and I started to get suspicious.”…continue reading

Spring Break Scammers Ready to Pounce on Grandparents
The scam involves a “grandchild” calling grandma or grandpa with a tale of woe, compelling the doting elder to send hundreds if not thousands of dollars to bail the kid out of jail, pay for car repairs, or some other such yarn… continue reading

As you can see from the list of current scams circulating the elderly are popular targets for being scammed into giving money to help their kids or grand kids get out of trouble.

It can be easy to get caught up in the moment if it sounds like a good deal! or if you are being told a family member is in trouble and needs assistance.

Professional scammers are very good at using the right words, timing or even forcefulness to get you to hand over your personal or financial details.

Some Tips to Remember if You Have a Scammer Call You or Come to Your Door
If someone comes to your home and starts to offer you something ask to see their ID and check it thoroughly.

Ask them which company or association they are from and a number you can call to speak to a representative to verify them. If they try to reassure that it is not necessary then stop talking with the person immediately and close your door!

If you receive a call from someone like the currents scams mentioned never provide any identifying information. You should only provide your personal details if you initiated the call.

If they continue to persist that you provide them with your details simply hang up the phone.

If they keep calling you back repeatedly then report it to the police immediately!

If you happen to identify the number they are calling you on then you can easily verify their details by using our reverse phone lookup service to see if they are who they say they are.

If you think you might be getting scammed you can check online on one of the many sites that provide details on the latest scams as well as allow you to report a scam.

Here are two sites we recommend using:

Another great information resource that will answer many of your questions.


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